Freedom! My Bearthday Wish – Then & Now

Do you remember a time that you wanted something so badly that you just knew it would be so?  The first time I remember feeling that way was when I was turning 5 years old.  I desperately wanted a blue big girl bike for my birthday.  I was certain that when I got that bike, I’d soon be riding without training wheels and I could be as free as all the older neighbor kids were.

I’m soon celebrating another birthday, and I have a new bike – I bought it as a gift for myself last summer.  It’s a hybrid Giant, and it’s the same color blue as my first big-girl bike was!  What I desperately want now is to again feel the freedom I did back then – the freedom and adventure I’ll have in September when I take the longest bike ride of my life – 304 miles!

Beginning on the busy streets of New York City where my family will cheer me off, I’ll spend 5 days pedaling through some of the most scenic east coast backroads all the way to the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.  Covering a very doable 50-70 miles a day, there will be a little time for sightseeing along the route.  After each day’s ride, I’ll join 150 other riders for inspiring talks from leaders involved in a variety of climate-friendly initiatives.  I’m excitingly looking forward to all this as well as sleeping under the stars, healthy and delicious dinners, and making connections around the campfire.

All this is possible for me through Climate Ride – a program that brings like-minded adventure-seeking people together through bicycling and fundraising for environmental and bike advocacy causes.  All my fundraising will benefit Icebreaker, the Lake Erie offshore wind energy project in Northeast Ohio.

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