49 is Devine and it’s all Mine

Getting this post out of jumbles of my mind and into sequences of sensical words is quite delayed due to a significant life-altering situation.

Since aging out of crepe paper birthday parties and finally being able to get into bars legally, I’ve treated my birthday more or less like a federal holiday: it’s nice to have the day off, but don’t expect it.
And if lucky enough to sleep in, the most extraordinary thing of the day may be an easier trip to the BMV without the pressure of clocking out and getting in the door before 5 o’clock.
I’d made it clear for years that I didn’t want a big to-do. A card, dinner at a restaurant out of my budget, and a few drinks (all much appreciated and cherished) were just fine, thanks.
Until this year.
This year I’m 49.
These last 365 days around the sun have been transformative and everything has changed.
Stay tuned to find out how and why…
20190315 – <3,C

Title pays homage to the big to do I make of my niece’s birthday cards.

The photo is my 2nd birthday at my grandparents’ home in Clarksburg WV.

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