When I began this website in October 2017, my inspiration to write stemmed from: 

  • a memoir I wrote for a philosophy class during my last semester as an adult undergraduate at Cornell University. The memoir explored themes of Solitude, Reconciliation of Old Regrets with Present Realities, and Nothingness;
  • a growing need to dig deeper into my evolving philosophies and examine how my personal experiences affect my perspectives; and
  • the ending of a 9-year relationship, which was partially the cause of my feeling more heartache, sadness, and despair than I’ve ever known, alongside a strange acceptance, stoicism, and calming sense of strength.

At the time of this update in late June 2020, my core inspirations remain the same. But as life tends to do, it has moved in previously incomprehensible directions, making room for new inspirations.  I’m currently weaving my writings around the profound existential becoming that I’ve been flowing with since early 2018.  

Besides having additional inputs to help me make creative leaps from memory to epiphany to storytelling, I’m making some renovations to the site. I’ve added a genealogy page, Roots and Branches, which is currently password protected for family only. I’m writing a bio page at Who Am I?. I attempted to experiment with live writing but learned that my wee-hours-writing is too late for a live interactive audience. I’m also happy to be partnering with the Find Calm Here virtual community giving workshops and guidance on memoir writing.

Near future plans include adding a travel page called Wanderings and Ponderings and offering a full memoir-writing course. Look for workshop and course offerings at Tell Your Story!

Because this website has evolved into more than just a blog, I’ve also expanded its identity. The memoir blog section is still titled (ir)Reconcilable Contradictions, but the site itself is now called… This change not only opens up an umbrella to cover all these individual projects, but also provides consistency to my web presence across multiple platforms (ie, Instagram and Twitter.) The Facebook page, irReconcilable Contradictions, remains as-is for now. 

The last three years have been quite a ride! and I appreciate each and every reader who has been along for my journey.