What’s Your Story?

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During our sessions, I will guide you in depth through the 9 steps outlined below. I will also review your work and offer ideas and suggestions. Finally, I will provide you with one proofreading markup.

Step 1: Brainstorm stories to write about from your life’s memories.
Step 2: Identify the stories that included a conflict and make a note of the conflict.
Step 3: From the memories with conflicts, choose one to write about.

Step 4: Write everything you remember about that story.
Step 5: Reflect on what you’ve written while thinking about the life lessons this story offers.
Step 6: Give the story deeper meaning by writing about the connections between the memory and the life lessons.
Step 7: Add elements of creative writing to enhance your story.
Step 8: Edit your story for spelling, readability, and interest.

Step 9: Give your memoir a title.

Whether your intention is to gift your memoirs to a loved one, create a blog, include them in your legacy documents, or keep your stories strictly to yourself, you are now existing in the spirit of Socrates’ observation that “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

* Free sessions limited to no more than 3 one-hour calls per person.
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* Free sessions limited to the first 3 people who sign up and follow through as scheduled.
* No-shows and cancellations made fewer than 24 hours of any session will not be rescheduled. No exceptions.
* Completing a survey after each session about my coaching services is the only string that is attached to this offer.